eSIMs, the (folding) Motorola Razr & Apple TV+ [S17E06]


25 November 2019

41 mins 26 secs

Season 17

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This week the team discuss:

  • eSIMs and buying data packages when overseas direct to your handset. Rafe buys one from a 'global eSIM store' when travelling to India and it works rather well...
  • The 2019 folding Motorola Razr which attention-grabs with a clever screen and nostalgia for the original Razr design. At £1500 can this attractively designed (but mid-spec) handset attract buyers?
  • Apple TV+ and big-tech's move into 'content'. As the TV streaming wars heat-up what has Apple got to offer? (spoiler: right now, just a pile of money for Hollywood)

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