Robot vacuums, noise-cancelling headphones & electric car charging [S17E09]


29 January 2020

41 mins 34 secs

Season 17

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About this Episode

This week the team discuss:

  • Why everyone should have a robot vacuum cleaner, the difference between radar and camera-based navigation and how to choose. Also virtual walls, cameras that can spot pet poo and automated mops.
  • Our two recommended models of noise cancelling over-ear headphones and the joy of reducing noise fatigue when travelling or working in open-plan offices.
  • Ewan's 'terrible' (this is not a consensus view, to be fair, especially by Ewan) choice to buy his children a Dell desktop PC.
  • The challenges of first-time 'chargeable car' ownership and how Ben's chosen his new car charger.

Let us know your thoughts on these subjects or anything you'd like to hear covered in future via the website or Twitter.

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