Amazon Echo accessories, Covid-19 apps & Tik Tok [S18E04]


29 May 2020

52 mins 49 secs

Season 18

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This week the team discuss:

  • Amazon Echo accessories. Amazon's range looks baffling from the outside, including gaming buttons and a microwave oven. What do they make, why and is any of it any good?
  • Covid-19 apps. As governments around the world look to technology to help manage the Covid-19 crisis how do the various solutions being developed differ and will people trust a Google / Apple partnership over their local public health officials?
  • Til Tok. What is it? No really, what is it and why is Rafe so keen we try it. We're coming to this social media phenomenon late, but it's far from clear (to us) what it all means and how it's different from what came before.

Let us know your thoughts on these subjects or anything you'd like to hear covered in future via the website or Twitter.

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