Everything (ish) we missed in 2023 [S21E07]


9 January 2024

1 hr 4 mins 6 secs

Season 21

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All did not 'go well' and the episode was not published between Christmas and New Year. Thank you to editor Mark who continues to fix broken audio with patience far beyond what we deserve.

This week the team cover topics they missed during 2023 and catch-up on listener's emails:

  • Beeper Mini: Why is there a market for an iMessage on Android? (update: it's effectively been abandoned since recording).
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2: - Ben likes his, especially the bigger / brighter screen.
  • Mark's email about our mobile network episode: Questions whether much brand loyalty is based on out-of-date perceptions from earlier in their life. Rafe says it's very hard for brands to move customers' perception of them.
  • 'Brain stuff'.
  • New year's resolutions: Brain training, checking your subscriptions, Zoe health stuff and time blocking
  • Matt's email on Social Media: Do we believe in the everything app?

We'll come back to the Humane AI pin and ChatGPT.

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