Customising the Apple Watch, Lenovo's Smart Frame & data hoarding [S18E06]


12 June 2020

58 mins 48 secs

Season 18

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This week the team discuss:

  • Using the excellent Watchsmith app to customise the Apple Watch beyond Apple's built-in widgets (called complications). How can you use layouts that change during the day and what is the future of presenting our own custom-data?
  • Lenovo's announcement of a new Smart Frame digital picture frame that will be launched (and discounted initially) via IndieGoGo. Lenovo don't need to fund the product this way (traditionally why this platform's been used), but plan to recruit early adopter users to feedback on its development.
  • How old is the oldest data you're hanging onto (we look at email and photo archives) and why? Have services like Gmail made us digital pack rats and is there any value in archiving 20 years of email or hundreds of gigabytes of email?

Let us know your thoughts on these subjects or anything you'd like to hear covered in future via the website or Twitter.

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