1 Question, 3 Answers: Our smart-home picks for security & privacy [S20E05]


12 July 2021

1 hr 16 mins 52 secs

Season 20

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This week the team return to their '1 question, 3 answers' format to answer a combination of listener questions: How do we choose smart-home tech or brands based on security and privacy? Ben, Ewan and Rafe each give their best answer... The only rule being that they can't agree with any previous answer.

Also, having tested the Getir delivery app in the last episode the team try to order #RafeRations again this week to compare 'delivery in minutes' shopping apps Zapp (promised 20 minute delivery, took 16), Weezy (promised delivery in 'minutes', took 23) and Gorillas (promised delivery 10 minute delivery, took 25).

Let us know your thoughts on these subjects or anything you'd like to hear covered in future via the website or Twitter.

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