Social Media in 2023 [S21E03]


3 September 2023

1 hr 10 mins 42 secs

Season 21

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About this Episode

This week the team consider that we might be at the "money ruins everything" stage of social media (eh, Reddit?). Rafe speculates that 'social' media is now driven more by advertising than friendship groups. We also talk about 'dark social', (Rafe's personal website) and remember Jaiku. Ben re-tells the 'Nazi Bar' story often cited as an example of how 'unmoderated' speech excludes people and isn't really 'free'.

We use:

  • Ewan: LinkedIn and BeReal.
  • Rafe: Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok (but only in read-only).
  • Ben: Reddit, LinkedIn (grudgingly), Instagram (even more grudingly) and Mastodon (in hope).

Ewan's still on the road. This week he's in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

[Producer's note: This episode was recorded before Meta announced Threads. Content scheduling is hard.]

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