Money, money, money [S21E04]


29 September 2023

1 hr 4 mins 30 secs

Season 21

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This week the team talk about money, finance, 'fintech' stuff and the products we use:

  • Rafe's been using 'helpful' tools including HM Revenue and Customs' app to manage his tax and NS&I's app to check for Premium Bond wins. He's also tried the 'green' debit card Tred.

  • Ewan's also been big on Open Banking for money management trying Plum to setup rules and games to encourage saving. [Rafe says "also look at similar apps like Emma and Snoop"].

  • Ben still uses You Need a Budget and virtual debit cards from Monzo. He's also using Monzo's built-in 'round-up' feature to save 'passively'. He's also using Chip which offers a (sort of) savings product marketplace.

The team wonder where 'the Monzo of credit cards' is and question if 'buy now, pay later' is the same thing, talk about mortgages for a bit, and consider if 'packaged bank accounts' are popular again.

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