Shopping app with 13min delivery plus Hue, Echo Show & Samsung TV [S20E04]


14 June 2021

1 hr 11 mins 25 secs

Season 20

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About this Episode

Due to the 'unique' way 361 is produced, this episode was recorded approximately 2 months before release.

This week the team discuss app-based on-demand shopping services that promise to get things to you in minutes. We try Getir which promises to deliver a range of groceries within 13 minutes.

Also, this week (while we wait for our delivery) the team catch-up on:

  • The new Amazon Echo Show 10 (the one that turns to face you). Does it work and is it useful to have a screen on an Echo?
  • The Samsung Frame TV's smart home integration.
  • Hue's new wall switch module which (finally) lets you control the smart bulbs with built-in wall switches.

Let us know your thoughts on these subjects or anything you'd like to hear covered in future via the website or Twitter.

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Special thanks to our editor Mark Cotton who put in a super-human amount of extra work on this episode.

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